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SoundTracks is the fortnightly podcast brought to you by UofG Careers and Alumni, that’s jam-packed with sound advice from our graduate world-changers to help keep your career on track. Join hosts Kez and Rosie as they take you on a tour with awesome alumni all over the world to share their career journey.

From side hustles and social enterprises to surviving freelance, creating social, creative and scientific impact, plus big city living around the globe. Our alumni guests will share their career highs, lows and everything in between!

In each episode, you’ll be sure to get the inside track with industry insights, practical ideas and honest advice. It’s the must-have soundtrack to your career journey. 

Mar 19, 2019

Check out Ben's bio and recommended careers resources:

Food historian, researcher and editor Ben Mervis, came to Glasgow studying on a year abroad - and stayed! In this episode you'll hear how Ben used the skills from his history degree to create a multi-hyphen career around one of his passions: food. 

Working for Noma, Netflix's Chef's Table and now having launched Fare Magazine - Ben's followed his gut throughout. 

We joined him for a foodie chat looking back at his journey as he serves up some great career insight and advice. Whet your appetite for this one!

Listen out for: Ben's tips on networking, an insight into the superlative watermelon experience and how to put your UofG Degree skills to best use. 

What's your soundtrack? A cheesey playlist from the UofG Cheese Society President Matthew.

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