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SoundTracks is the fortnightly podcast brought to you by UofG Careers and Alumni, that’s jam-packed with sound advice from our graduate world-changers to help keep your career on track. Join hosts Kez and Rosie as they take you on a tour with awesome alumni all over the world to share their career journey.

From side hustles and social enterprises to surviving freelance, creating social, creative and scientific impact, plus big city living around the globe. Our alumni guests will share their career highs, lows and everything in between!

In each episode, you’ll be sure to get the inside track with industry insights, practical ideas and honest advice. It’s the must-have soundtrack to your career journey. 

Oct 26, 2018

Check out Amal's Bio and recommended resources here:

Amal Azzudin is a Human Rights campaigner and Social Justice Activist now working for the Mental Health Foundation and as an ambassador for the Scottish Refugee Council.

Amal's passion for human rights and social justice began when she rose to fame as one of the Glasgow Girls in 2005 after campaigning against dawn raids, and the detention and deportation of asylum seekers in Glasgow. 

What's your Soundtrack? We ask Fatemeh, Student Support Officer at the SRC! 

Listen out for: Amal's Mum making a milestone phonecall, an interesting way to pay for the bus and what happened to Kez's sleeve on the way to the interview. 

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